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Disabled While Traveling

I brought my Rollator walker to Rio de Janeiro.

It takes a lot for me to walk even two blocks. I'm really slow, but I can do it. I figured that a scooter would call too much attention and possibly even put me in danger of getting robbed.

On my way back from the restaurant, I saw several people wearing crutches using crutches to get around. I saw two people with canes, two people with those hand braces that they used to walk, and I was surprised the number of people who were staring at my walker. Looking at the price of the Rollator, it is quite expensive, particularly when you translated into Brazilian reais. It doesn't make me feel thankful. It just makes me feel like these are the probably people whom I did not see very much before I was disabled. Or even worse, pitied.

Or not. I just never thought about those things.

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