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Christian Americans Need to Worship God not Trump

Trump in a blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie with his arms outstretched in front of a sea of people at a rally in Milwaukee. Taken from

When Trump first learned about the highly contagious Covid-19 in the fall of 2019, he could have done temperature checks of international travelers at our US borders. He could have required negative Covid-19 tests for travelers coming from Asia and later Europe when Italy became a hot spot. He could have sped up PPE manufacturing, which would have made it cheap enough that a Walmart worker or a Grub Hub delivery person could get the same head-to-toe protection from coronavirus that hospital clinicians use.

That did not happen. Instead, ignored Obama era guidance on preparing for pandemics. He refused to increase the PPE production so his friends could make millions of dollars. In fact, he had the federal government seize the PPE state governors had ordered from abroad and pitted against them in bidding wars, forcing them to declare themselves as a nation-state, create their own confederacy, and even covertly send a the plane of professional athletes to acquire it accompanied by state police. In addition, our President created superspreader events across the country that put other Americans at risk. This includes his White House Security Director, who thankfully survived the illness but had his foot amputated as a result of the illness. He also hosted a major event at the White House that resulted in many becoming infected, including himself. Much like the Israelites were forced to wander in the desert for forty years, Americans’ Trump worship has led to dramatic increases in sickness and death.

“A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.” Matthew 7:18.

Purple fruit growing on a tree branch. Taken from

The Bible says we should judge a tree from the fruit it bears. Good trees produce good fruit. Bad trees produce bad fruit. Trump has allowed pestilence to reign in our nation when he had the power to thwart the illness through executive orders. Instead, more people have died from Covid-19 in the United States than anywhere else on the planet. Other countries like New Zealand, South Korea, Germany, and even China, have handled the virus quickly and efficiently. Yet, Trump still refers to the coronavirus as the “China virus.” Similarly, although Trump has lived in New York for decades, he has residency in Florida and has used mail-in ballots for many, many years. Yet, now that he lost the presidential election, he has sown seeds of discord through lawsuits challenging democracy.

When Trump won the 2016 election, no matter whom we voted for, he safely moved into the White House and has led our country for the last four years. According to the rules laid out by the US Constitution, Biden received the necessary votes to win the election. This is true whether or not you are a fan of Biden. Like Trump, Biden should experience a safe, calm transition into the presidency.

As Christians, we have to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and give unto God what is God’s. As we transition into 2021, I hope that Christian Americans who have been worshipping our Baal-like President turn away from an idolatry of Trump, repent of our sins, and worship the one true God. In the process, I hope that Christian Americans can sow seeds of healing and hope as we do our part to ensure a safe transition of power. May God give His people the love and the strength to do the right thing in 2021.

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